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At this moment we are testing the first version of the benchmarking tool. At that moment every university can participate. If you register we will give you access to a benchmarking database. There you can update your information. It is only a few input fields and you can choose what you want to update. In phase One we will use this information to report about IT – spending in different countries. Later we will make it possible to start your own micro – benchmarks (small questionnaires about wireless, LMS, security, privacy law and so on) which will help the community to get a feeling for the University pulse.

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What is TNBM?

TNBM – Transnational benchmarking is a community and a plattform. We want to provide a platform to make longitudinal benchmarking on IT in Higher Education.

There are several solutions today that are being used to create such questionnaires. Excel, SurveyMonkey, Limesurvey, homegrown solutions etc.

What is different with this solution is that:

  • It is not a survey. It is a database. This means that any questions that are reoccurring can be updated (or just left as nothing changed).


It is micro-focused. To accommodate questions to a community that, previously has been answered to listserv question can be set up and distributed.


It is community driven. Individuals targeting a community or a group can set up questions and deliver it to that group.


It is community based. Aiming to use Edugain to access the tool with your own university credentials.

Currently the tool is set up to accommodate the questions that the original project identified as questions. There is also a login procedure in place.

What we want to achieve is a more knowledgeable higher education IT sector. About the institution, its peers and more importantly the aggregated overview both in time and space.


This work has been made possible by

Johan Bergström

International Business Developer

Johan is a International Business Developer working in the Higher Education IT domain. He is employed at the University of Umeå working predominantly with business development and coordination. He is also heavily involved in international collaboration through EUNIS, Educause and CHEITA. Johan is the founder of both Eunis Research and Analysis Initiative and the European Journal of Higher Education IT.

Rens van der Vorst

IT & Innovation & Technophilosopher @ www.fontys.nl

Rens van der Vorst works as a technophilosopher and IT and Innovation specialist at Fontys University. He works on all kind of projects to create better education with IT and make sure technology becomes a more integral part of the curriculum. Most notable is the project www.quantifiedstudent.nl and a project in which he is trying to build a singing sensor.